welcome to Rejuvinations Shoes, LLC

Rejuvinations Shoes, LLC was founded on October 21, 2011. Rejuvinations Shoes, LLC specializes in women larger size shoes, 10-14. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and stylish shoes for women across the world. Our goal is to work hand and hand with many organizations to up lift women self-esteem across the globe. Every Women deserves to feel and look SEXY! and CONFIDENT! Regardless of what size, color, and or shape they are!
Rejuvinations Shoes, LLC is family-owned and operated right here in Detroit, MI. Since our company opened its doors on October 21, 2011, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

The Creator: Sierra Latrice CEO/Designer

About Sierra Latrice

At age 14 Sierra Latrice made it up in her mind that she would take the voice of so many women around the world like her. Wearing a larger shoe size than the average 14 year old, along with not being able to find stylish, comfortable, and affordable shoes began to take a toll on her growing up. She was almost positive that there were many other young girls that were in her “shoes”. Always setting and achieving her goals, one of which was to become not only a Entrepreneur, but one that impacts people’s lives day by day positively. Sierra Latrice wanted to make whatever she decided to do meaningful… So it only came natural for her to become a shoe designer that specialized in stylish, affordable, larger size shoes.

Advanced Technology Academy (ATA), in Dearborn, Mi. was the high school Sierra Latrice attended. Striving to be the best, Sierra Latrice was dually enrolled at 2 Colleges during her 4 years at ATA, Davenport University and Lake Superior State University. Course of study focused on Business Management. Determined to be successful, Sierra Latrice took Saturday classes along with attending multiple business related seminars throughout her community. After graduating from high school in 2009, Sierra Latrice worked at CVS Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Tech while attending Wayne State University, to put herself through a Shoe Designing/Manufacturing class at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Manhattan, New York City. Not having enough money to eat a full meal, or even sleep while in NYC didn’t stop Sierra Latrice. Commuting back and forth from New York City every week on a Greyhound bus, for 6 months in the summer of 2010, Sierra Latrice completed the class. Inspired by the new skills she had learned she was ready to put her plans in action.

By 2011, on October 21, 2011 Sierra Latrice founded the brand of high-end shoes called Rejuvinations Shoes, LLC. Not much money to fuel this amazing project, but her spirit along with the help of close family members and friends motivated her to continue striving!

“Growing up with low self-esteem not only because of my shoe size, but because I was just different took a toll on how I saw myself, and the world in general. I have always been taller and shapelier than my peers, so like all children you compare yourself to them and see what’s considered “IN” and to me it wasn’t me. I had great grades and started to do poorly, I was an athlete at heart, but didn’t have the confidence to put my natural talents to test. Although I knew that I was smart, my appearance was what meant most to me at that time.


My family was a middle-class family, so not much money for designer clothes and shoes, especially the ones that were cute and that could fit me, they were way to expensive. So all I wore were men shoes, K-Mart was like “the” place where my mother shopped for shoes for me and I would dread going there. I was so tired of feeling so low and inadequate; I wanted to make a change. And I just knew, I knew that there were plenty of other girls that were like me financially and had the same problem”. Sierra Latrice said. “One day in 8th grade, I came home in tears and grabbed my mother and just cried… I told her that when I grew up I was going to make my own line of shoes for girls with big feet so they wouldn’t have to go through what I went through and feel the way I did. My mother held me so close and said “Baby if you get through high school with no problems (fighting), straight A’s, no babies, and all of that, mommy promise she will help you start your line”. And I did just that! My mind made up and a light of hope in my heart!” I knew that little old me could make a “BIG FOOTPRINT” In this big old world”.